Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thanks you Thief

Thanks Mr. or Ms. Robber Man. I went out to my car last Thursday morning and realized someone else had been in it. My CD’s, papers and crap I keep in the center console was thrown around the passenger seat and the glove compartment was open. My next door neighbor had just told me a week before his truck was broken into and they took his I-Pod. I opened the door and looked around, no damage…and as I started organizing my stuff I couldn’t see anything that I recall missing. He left all my CD’s so obviously didn’t like my music and I had some keys on a keychain he left. Then I thought he may have taken my Speedpass key that you can use at the Mobil/Exxon gas station and buy gas and whatever else they sell there without entering a PIN number. That would not be good. So I came back into the apartment and found that I still had my Speedpass. He didn’t take the jacket, jumper cables or even the $5.00 in quarters I had in the ashtray type coin holder. So should I thank him for this? Maybe, but what I really want to say thank you for is for fixing the Radio/CD player which hasn’t worked for about two months now. I don’t know how you did it and I should be upset because you violated my space however you’re the best auto/radio mechanic I’ve had…so thanks and I’m glad you don’t like James Taylor.

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