Monday, April 20, 2009

A New Journey for Amber,Tommie and Maya

Changes. Here's the photo taken at 9:22 AM this morning of Amber, Tommie and Maya as they leave San Diego with all their belongings packed in the back of this Penske Truck and head east towards Gloucester, Mass. Maya likes this truck which is a big bonus. We hugged and cried and wished them safe travels until we get to see them again this summer. The family picture is of us last night having our final meal together on our deck. It was a beautiful night. It has been so nice to have both our daughters Eva, Amber and proxy son Tommie all so close to us these past 3 years. I guess we can't be hogs though so now it's time for Tommie's parents and Amber's grandparents in Mass to have this pleasure.
Looking back since the time they moved out here it's wild to think of all the adventures they had and changes they went through. They both made their mark at the jobs they had. If Tommie had decided to stay there's no doubt in my mind that he would have been on the San Diego City Council or some other power position. Amber excelled as the assistant editor for Mortgage Originator Magazine. Whatever they do next they'll shine. Amber is a poet so I wrote a poem for them.
A New Journey

A new Journey begins from West to East
the view of the future is known the least
It begins with a Penske and Toyota in tow
but the route they will take they don’t really know

Amber and Tommie with Maya between
stretching her neck for whatever can be seen

On this Journey they will go and on this Journey they’ll succeed
to reach the point that they have planned
The Village of Magnolia in the City of Gloucester
Home of the Fisherman
Birthplace of the Two

We know that this is just the start
with fits of fear if things look dark
yet forward is the way time moves so they’ll sync with it
test what they like, adapt and then change to have more likings
when they watch the clock
and Maya will jump and lick their faces
as they take her to these unknown places

On the journey they have some control and
sometimes no control
But they’ll do what they need to and do what they want to
So that joy comes more often than sorrow
And they’ll look forward to tomorrow.


  1. I'm so glad I could be part of the San Diego adventure for 3 years. Your poem is perfect. Can't wait to see you back "home."