Friday, April 3, 2009

The View from my Office Cubicle

The photo to the left is the view I see from my office cubicle. Not bad, eh? Many people who see me at work have said “You have a great job”. It has made me stop to think, yeah…not bad. The fact is I don’t have an office cubicle. I currently work on two different boats most of my week on Mission Bay in San Diego, California. Families will spend their summer vacation here. I met one man who has spent every summer vacation here since 1962. Corporations will hold business retreats here. The point is people spend good money to be here, the same place where someone pays me to do my job. I purposely put myself here last July and it worked. I’m in search for something even better but like most directions in my life I can’t “see” too far ahead, yet I’m confident that if I travel long “enough” even if the direction is not clear, exciting and rewarding things will happen. In the meantime I’m consciously taking in all the moments I can each day working on the boats, talking to the people, enjoying my cubicle view.

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