Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Today is Lauren’s Birthday and one these pictures is of the fancy homemade card which took me hours to make and which greeted her this morning when she went downstairs. The other picture is a creation of art and love and symbolizes what Lauren is all about. To the untrained eye it’s just some pine boughs and a pine cone stuck in a crock pot. But to those who know Lauren it is a carefully thought out creation of caring. You see Lauren knew Amber and Tommie were coming up last week for a visit and although we lack quite a few items of comfort right now she wanted to make the room they were going to sleep in feel homey despite the lack of a bed and crazy green walls. So the week before when we were at the transfer station a.k.a. The Dump, Lauren noticed that white crock pot vase with blue flowers and pine bough motif sitting in the “free stuff” section. So she brought it home, cleaned it up and just before Amber and Tommie arrived she went out to the yard and picked some of the pine boughs I had already started to cut down, found a nice pine cone and made this beautiful, simple, loving, and free arrangement to put on the window sill in that bedroom.

This really does symbolize what Lauren is about and that’s what I love about her. Thanks Lauren for making the small stuff count and making the house a home.

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