Friday, March 12, 2010

I’m not sure Where to Begin?

I’m pretty sure this is what Lauren and I say on a daily basis since we’ve moved into our home. So allow me to randomly blab on my blog. Today we bought a 2002 Ford Explorer from Bob Everett at Bethel Auto Sales which was an enjoyable experience. I even enjoyed registering the car. Why? Because it was so easy. We went to the Town Hall, walked up to the counter, gave the woman our paperwork and a check for $157.98 and walked out seven minutes later with our registration and two license plates to put on the car. No line of people, no “take a number” machine, no wait. That is the way life should be…and is.
So we’re coming up on our full third week of living here and Lauren says that she has two nemesis; MUD and a certain raccoon. Lauren has been mopping and cleaning up layers of dirt, mud and whoseknowswhat from the floors and walls of the house. What makes it more challenging is that Mud-Season has officially begun and anyone who steps from our muddy driveway into the house has the ability to ruin all of Lauren’s hard labor. If we could Lauren would pave the driveway tomorrow with asphalt. This is coming from a girl who would always give her dad a hard time anytime he seriously considered paving his gravel driveway in Massachusetts. During Mud Season heavy trucks weighing over 26,000 pounds (I think) cannot drive over certain secondary road which is what the orange sign in the picture represents. That sign was posted on March 4th and stays in effect until May 15th so that basically means we have up to 2 and 1/2 months of mud season. I built a little pre-step from the driveway to our porch that hopefully will help, then we have two mats to wipe your feet before you even enter the door, then we have a 4 foot by 6 foot mega-mat just inside the door where everyone WILL take off their shoes and walk around the house in socks until the mud is gone or we get the driveway paved.
Now the Raccoon is the critter that has been crawling all over our stuff in the barn because it is not secure from the outside. It would take me a couple of days to secure the barn because there are so many open access points but we have other things in the house that need more attention. We didn’t have any food in the boxes in the barn but the raccoon thought that Teabags, Metamucil and Hungarian Paprika might make a meal so it ripped into those boxes and now has no problems with constipation.
Let me end by saying that we have couches in the living room, a working TV with about 20 stations, heat and hot water, beer in the “Frigidaire” and unity in the community. Thanks for checking in.

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