Wednesday, March 28, 2012

House Projects

A $3,000 bed for $60
 Last weekend I started working on our entry hallway in earnest. You would think they would call it the non-entry hallway because no one ever uses the front door. Anyway this required scraping paint and loose areas of plaster then refilling those cracks and holes with plaster patch and joint compound. I still have plenty more to do so instead of showing you a work in progress I'll let you view a few photos of the guest bedroom (now furnished) which is the only finished room in the house.

We know the hanging wicker/rattan lampshade (below) is anything but Colonial in style but Lauren's parents bought it when they lived in the Philippines and surviving many moves thereafter without being at all damaged is quite an accomplishment. So it seems that after 40 years somebody should hang it up and use it. Also Lauren showed me a bed that looks pretty much like the one above available from Horchow for $3,000. She bought this one for $60 at Jackie's Used Furniture Barn. 
By the way, if you are reading this on March 29th then wish me a Happy Birthday. Thanks for stopping by.

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