Monday, March 19, 2012

Now you Tree it….Now you don’t

Yesterday I cut down one of the maple trees in the yard.   There was really only one way it could fall without damaging the house, the branches of another tree, or the power lines.  Fortunately it fell exactly where I wanted it.  As you can see the tree was only a few feet from the house and it was leaning in towards it.  I first climbed up the tree to cut off many of the branches that were growing out towards the house.  I have to say it felt good climbing up the tree because it reminded me of being a kid when I would climb trees all the time. Then I fired up the chain saw, made my cuts, and with a little help from a steel wedge and a sledgehammer I pounded the wedge toward the desired direction of impact.  Mission accomplished.  Now at Shady Acre Farm I’ll have just a bit more sunshine to offer my garden. 

I'll miss this hang out spot

Perfect Landing

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