Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Shots around the Homestead

Most of us in New England will agree that it has been a very mild winter this season. Of course as I say this it is 16 degrees here with a light snow falling. To put it in perspective though we have only had the driveway plowed three times this winter and tomorrow is February 1st. Here are some winter shots I took around the yard.

The Stonewall

Redosier Dogwood?
 I think this may be a Redosier Dogwood but I'm not sure.  According to Native Plants for your Maine Garden by Maureen Heffernan this native shrub is grown for its red stems which add a nice contrast to the winter landscape. It is supposed to have small white flowers in the spring followed by rounded clusters of white fruit.  We'll see if I have identified this correctly as spring rolls along. 
Birch and Pine

Backside of the Bethel Inn
I'm on one of twelve local dart teams in Bethel and last night we played our match in the Millbrook Tavern at the Bethel Inn.  From the dart board I could look down the hill and see the front light shining from my house. I like that. 


  1. It's been a mild winter here. I'm not complaining. Still I wish that I had one snowfall to photograph.

    1. If you can ever get up for a visit Robert we would love to have you stay. You can photograph the season of your choice. Pete

  2. LOOKS gorgeous Dad...but I'll live vicariously through your pictures..in a tank top and flip flops :)