Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Two Year Check Up

It was two years ago yesterday when we arrived in Bethel to make it our new home address.  Since then all of the things that mean “life” have been happening.  We’re making friends, finding our niches in the community and enjoying what we have.  Desire is something that brought us here, with intention, to this little speck of land, on this little planet we all call home.  Appreciation is the other thing that needs to happen every day and often. To appreciate health, love, family, and a cat who wakes you up at 5 AM. To appreciate snow, cold, and crystal clear skies that shimmering back to acknowledge your view. To appreciate the opposing polar forces inherent on earth and perhaps realize that this is what holds us together. If I close one eye I can see a dozen things that need to be done.  If I close the other eye I can appreciate what is. Maybe the formula is Desire + Appreciation = Balance.

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