Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Summer Fun

Lissy at Songo Pond

My sister Ingy and her kids came to visit us last week after Amber and Tommie’s wedding. It was short but sweet and the day they were here was perfect weather for swimming at the lake. I wonder if it’s possible to be angry or sad when you are frolicking in a lake that is perfectly refreshing? I don’t think so. Besides swimming at the lake we showed them downtown Bethel, the view from the top of Paradise Road, the Covered Bridge on Sunday River and Sunday River Ski resort where we watched a few folks fly down the zip line. Then we went to the Swain Farm Stand and picked up some fresh corn for supper that night.

Just some of the family

On Saturday we drove down to Cape Elizabeth to have a family lunch after my nephews Luke and Ezra and their dad Artie had completed the Beach to Beacon road race. We made it back to Bethel in time to catch one of the comedy shows at the first annual Maine Comedy Festival http://mainecomedyfest.com/ which took place right here at the Bethel Inn Conference Center. It was very funny, easy to get to and a perfect way to end the day. Is there any way to make the summer last longer?

Four of a Kind

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