Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Of Mussels, Raccoons, and a New Door

It has been a busy July with no signs of slowing down. Recently we had the in-laws stay a few nights and while they were here Lauren cooked up some mussels over the fire pit….Yum! Frank and Joan know about our episodes with critters around the house so we joked that they may get a visitor during the night while they slept. It almost happened. The day after they left we heard this “noise” up in the eave beside the guest bedroom. Armed with a flashlight and a stick I opened the door to this area of our house, looked up in the rafters and saw 4 baby raccoon faces staring down at me. They started moving once I disturbed them so by the time I got the camera I could only get a good picture of this one. To hopefully keep them away we turned on a light, turned on a sports radio talk show and put some ammonia in open bowls….so far, so good which just means…I don’t know where they are now.

I also installed a new insulated fiberglass side entry door to replace the old beat up wood door we had and we stained the deck. Just like putting a little lipstick on a pig. The door was good buy from Marden’s for $149. We also bought a new $8.50 door knob for it but it wasn’t making the grade so we ending up buying an $86.00 door knob that works ten times better, I guess.

I hope your July has been as nice as mine so far.

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