Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Foliage

Bethel, Maine

Lauren and I took a trip over to Marden’s yesterday in Rumford to pick up some stuff and took these photos along the way.  I bought another leaf rake, some copper piping insulation, a couple of wood chisels, some sheet rock nails and a few plastic buckets. We also conveniently found ourselves next to the Route 2 Diner in Rumford Center at lunch time so we pulled in and both had Hash Benedict where they make their hash fresh each day. The weather has been too nice lately which leads me to believe that there must be a big storm brewing for us in the future.  Enjoy the day!
Rumford Center

Androscoggin River at Rumford Center

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  1. I'll never leave the golden coast, but it definitely does look beautiful!!! Look forward to your winter pictures...see the beauty but not the cold!! This year I'll be calling you bragging about having the AC on in my car to get you back for the winter of senior year when I was stuck in the snow :p