Friday, October 15, 2010

How to Remove a 248 Pound Cast Iron Tub - from the Second Floor - with Ease

Yesterday I decided it was the day to act. The goal was to get rid of the 248 pound cast iron tub located on the second floor. The other goal was not to pull a back muscle, give myself a hernia, or damage the stairs in the process. Like all big jobs sometimes the best thing to do is break the task down into smaller pieces, like 10 pound pieces. To do this the tools required were:
-Sledgehammer or Splitting Maul in my case
-Safety Goggles
-Ear plugs
-Three or four 5 gallon plastic buckets
Thankfully cast iron is a relatively soft metal and is easy to break apart. This task only took a little more than one hour including the clean up time. The five gallon plastic buckets made it easy to haul it down the stairs. We then drove it over to West Paris Metal Recycling where they unloaded, weighed it and then gave me a check for $21.08. It was a good day.

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