Monday, August 23, 2010

Kayaking, Swimming, and Lobster

Amber, Tommie and Maya came up to visit us this past weekend and Kayaking, Swimming, and Lobster pretty much sums up what we did. First we had a campfire Friday night and cooked up some chicken and eggplant on the grill. Then Saturday we went to the Farmer’s Market in Bethel and picked up eight live lobsters from Tucker C. Jordan who’s a Lobsterman from Cape Elizabeth, Maine.
Next we trucked over to Virginia Lake and spent a wonderful afternoon swimming and kayaking. We had the whole peaceful beach and lake all to ourselves for most of the day. It’s hard to believe it was a Saturday in August. It was overcast but still warm and wonderful. Later that evening, back at our house, we lit the campfire again, put on our pot of water over it and then cooked those lobsters to perfection. The day was a 9.5 with the ½ point taken off for being overcast. We were going to try to see a movie on Saturday night but ran out of time.
On Sunday we HAD to go to dump to do some shopping as well as take over our trash. I scored a wire basket from a locker room which I can use to collect my golf balls in. Amber scored a Bundt pan. I can’t remember what Lauren picked up. It’s a little gem over there at the dump aka the “Transfer Station” and as someone told me they have an excellent return policy :)
On the way back from the dump we stopped at “Gourmet in a Pinch” to pick up a breakfast sandwich, muffin and coffee where they do a wonderful job with the food and the service is friendly.
After Amber and Tommie left to head back to Mass Lauren and I decided to see a matinee movie after all. It was my first time seeing a flick at the Casablanca Cinemas, it’s very cute and of course the service here is friendly too. They had four choices and we felt like comedy so we picked “The Other Guys”. That was a mistake because it just wasn’t funny. So if you’re considering seeing it, I’d say make another choice.
Thanks for the visit Amber, Tommie and Maya. There are only so many summer weekends you get in your life and we are glad you spent this one with us.

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