Thursday, August 12, 2010


During the past few weeks we have gone swimming in two glorious lakes. The first picture is of Roxbury Pond in Andover which I had mentioned in an earlier post and it is a nice shallow yet good size lake with warmish water. It’s warmer than the ocean and most of the rivers anyway. The second picture is of Virginia Lake in Stoneham and this happens to be part of the White Mountain National Forest. This lake is a little more difficult to get too but equally warm and beautiful. The next pictures are of the blackberries we picked and the tasty blackberry pie that Lauren baked…mmmmYum! All of these things are free and fun. Sure, if you want to get technical we spent a little gas money to get to these places and the pie crust cost something but it’s close enough, so I’m calling it free. Did I ever tell you I Love Summer?

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