Thursday, July 1, 2010

Perennial Gifts

When we looked at our home for the first time last November before we made an offer to buy it, well it was November. The leaves were all off of the trees and covering most of the yard area so we really didn’t know just what to expect come this spring and summer. The bamboo came early and fast and I’m still battling it convinced I’m going to win even though I have heard more than once the phrase “You’re never going to get rid of that stuff.” I’m patient and persistent and I’m giving myself a good two years to fight the bamboo war. On the other side of the worm though came beautiful flowers; Irises, Tigerlilys, Peonies, Hostas and an assortment of other perennial gifts which were unexpected and are delightfully appreciated. Here are some pictures of what has been growing around the house to date. Enjoy!

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