Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amber and Tommie

Amber and Tommie sitting in a Tree
Mom is W-A-I-T-I-N-G
First comes LOVE
Then comes College
Then comes Maya and
Then comes Marriage

Yep. Who would-a thunk? 11 years together and Thomas Locke Watson pops the question to Amber Elizabeth Gailitis and she says…..YES. (Although I think she first said…Are you kidding?)

So it is Official. Amber and Tommie are engaged to be married. We don’t know when yet because I don’t think they know when. First the Planners must Plan and then they will reveal that Plan at the Planned upon hour…so stay tuned.

Congratulations Tommie and Amber. Maybe it was Pre-Destined when you could smell each other in the Maternity Ward at Addison Gilbert Hospital 26 years ago. Who knows? You two are definitely kindred souls and amazing individuals.

Thanks for letting us know on Father’s Day. You definitely caught me by surprise and it was such a neat gift even though it’s about you. I love you both and I wish that all your Desires move you True.

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