Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cry for Help!

Help! My name is Dusty Noel and I’m stuck in a big yellow truck that says “Penske” on the side. I’ve been in this truck for three solid days. My owner Peter puts me in the truck in the morning and then just drives all day long. I don’t know where the heck he is going? At night we stay in motels, which is okay though I prefer the Hampton Inn over Motel 6. The bed is more comfortable and the décor is nicer. Anyway, last night we stayed at a Motel in Van Horn, Texas and tonight we’re staying at another motel in Texas AND we drove all day? What he’s doing, driving around in circles? I try to talk sense to him first thing in the morning while he’s drinking his coffee and driving and all he says is “Oh it’s okay Dusty” in that voice like he’s talking to some little kid. He’s just not listening to me. You know, I’ve heard his wife Lauren say that to him and now I know it’s true.

It’s getting cold around here. I just want to go back to my warm canyon in San Diego. Where is this nutcase taking me? Amber, I know you read this blog sometime. Please come rescue me. I’m at the La Quinta Inn in Rockwell, Texas, Room 310.

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  1. For a cat, Dusty sure does like to write...she writes me postcards and now blogs! Maybe she'll work on a novel while she's up in Bethel. Ha, see you both soon.