Thursday, October 17, 2013

I have a 30 year old daughter? How did that happen?


Somehow I now have a 30 year old daughter today.  It seems impossible to me and I think to her too. When I was 30 years she was already 5 and knowing us now as parents she wonders how she made it this far. She came into the world 30 years ago cautious and wary because the place looked scary. She turned out to be an organized organizer. She would line things up at an early age to create order. The couch pillows would be in a line on the floor. Her dolls would be lined up from tall to small. The ribbons she won, the bugs she caught, and the shells from the beach looked best to Amber if they were lined up and in order. She's a list maker too going back from the time she could write.
Even though by nature she's cautious she likes to explore and try things. She's a good listener and after someone speaks what is on their mind she'll give honest and practical advice. Being so organized you may think she would be an engineer and like numbers but instead she likes words, books and poetry (and ice cream). She's an artist, a writer, and a wonderful daughter.  Happy Birthday Amber, I'm really glad you showed up 30 years ago.

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  1. I'm not sure how this whole 30-thing happened either but it's been a great three decades with you guys. You still scare me, but I love you :)