Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Most of our friends and family know by now that on March 17th Lauren had her left kidney removed after a trip to the emergency room and a CT scan showed a tumor growth in the kidney. The bad news was it was cancerous but the good news is it appears that it was limited just to the kidney. All the lymph nodes around it came back negative. A follow up visit we had with an oncologist last Friday was good. No further treatment such as chemotherapy was recommended, just follow up CT scans in the months to come to see if there have been any changes.

This was turbulent water that we had not expected and like many unexpected things it was scary. Would everything be okay once the kidney was removed? Three weeks later and looking back it seems so far, so good. We were both impressed by the quality of care, the professionalism, and the kindness Lauren received from the nurses and doctors at Stephen’s Memorial Hospital in Norway and at Maine Medical Center in Portland.

Family and friends rallied around us although it happened so fast we didn’t have a chance to get the word out to everyone. It turned out to be another family event however and some were able to visit while Lauren was recovering at the hospital. I know this pleased her a lot and made the healing process all the more easier. Lauren is doing great right now. Thanks to everyone for your love and support.


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