Friday, December 25, 2009

Desire Moves

I think life is as simple as this. We all move to what we desire most. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. The stronger we desire something or someone we focus more of our thoughts and actions toward that and our body and minds move in the direction of that desire. Sometimes or perhaps many times our actions may not seem to make rational sense that they will in fact lead us to the desired goal but in a magical and spiritual way they do.

Lauren and I are celebrating the achievement of a common (thank goodness) goal we’ve had for a few years. We just bought a house which we will soon call home in the area where we’ve been taking summer vacations beginning about five years ago. Bethel, Maine is a small and beautiful mountain village located in the western mountains of the State. We originally came upon it by accident as we searched for Kezar Lake and stayed for a few nights at the Sudbury Inn. It was love at first sight and since then we’ve been trying to figure out how we could buy a place and spend more time there. Originally we thought we would buy a place to spend summers and then rent the home in winter which is the busy season because of the great skiing they have at Sunday River and Mt. Abram. We looked at many homes in the area and made offers on a couple of places over the past two years but we either lost out or never came to an agreement. But desire moves in mysterious ways. Lauren noticed a new listing come up on the MLS in November which we both had never seen before. The location looked good, close to town like we wanted and the price looked really good.

We made an offer on the place even before we saw it. We flew out from San Diego within the week and after seeing the place adjusted our offer and finally came to an agreement with the sellers. The closing took place on December 11th, 2009 and now Lauren and I are preparing to pack up our apartment and move back east in the next few weeks.

Looking back on my first blog posting less than one year ago is yet more proof that desire moves.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. The place needs broken pipes fixed and then a new heating system put in and then the water turned on and then the list goes on….but all this will give me material to blog about. So stay tune for more stories about “This Old Old House” or “The Money Pit North”. These will be adventures and challenges and at times we’ll ask ourselves, did we desire this? And the answer is YES we did, this is how Desire Moves.

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